Tusk Fight Company – Black Label Gi Review

When I first started BJJ training I would always wash my gi in cold water and hang dry as advised by the gi company to minimize shrinking.  Now after many years of training I no longer follow this suggestion.  I find washing in hot water and using the heat dryer makes my gi cleaner, smell and feel better too.  To account for the shrinkage, I started to get 1/2 size larger if they have that option (Flow Kimonos has a 1/2 size variations) or a full size larger (order an A4 instead of A3). I don’t want a gi that is too tight and restricts movement and this allows me to account for shrinkage when I wash in hot water and dry in the dryer.  Below are my before and after measurements after 4 weeks of training and washing in hot water and tumble drying with heat in the dryer.  **Reminder – if you want to minimize shrinking then continue with the cold wash and hang dry.  This is just what works for me. 

Sleeve to sleeve across back
Bottom of jacket
Waist across
Pant leg across
Pant length

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