Tatami Fightwear Nova Basic Gi.
(usage update after 3 years at bottom)

Quick Review: 
Good gi at a discount price. Rubberized collar.
Excellent starter gi for someone on a budget beginning their BJJ journey.
Rope drawstring for easy on off as compared to the string ones in the past.

Long Review: 
This wasn’t the first gi I ever bought but it is the one that has had the most usage and it passed the test.
I used this gi for about 3 years at least once a week and it has been pulled, grabbed and thrown.
No rips or tears and only slight color fading which is probably due to being washed in hot water each week.
It did have some shrinkage – but again probably mostly due to the hot water washing.

  • 425gsm single piece unique High Tech Weave Jacket
  • Rubberized collar to prevent sweat and bacteria absorption.
  • Triple stitched across all stress points
  • Lightweight 9oz poly-cotton Gi pants
  • Double reinforced knee padding
  • Triple stitched across all stress points
  • Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill

Update December 2016: 
I used the Tatami Nova Gi for 3 years and it did very well.
There was some slight color fading but I also always washed it in hot water.
I’m very pleased with the overall performance of this gi.  No tears or rips in 3 years of use.

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