How do I choose a BJJ Academy?

Nobody can tell you which academy is best for you but here are some things to help you make a better decision.

Try before you buy:  Be sure to try out the school before you sign up.  A reputable school will allow you to try all the classes free for a week or more before making a commitment.  Use this time to see if you like the environment of the school and make sure it works well with your potential training schedule.   How welcoming are the instructors, coaches and students?  If there are multiple schools in your area be sure to visit them so you can compare facilities, schedules, and the overall environment.  If they tell you that you must sign up before you can try a class then move on to the next BJJ Academy.   Additional tip – during your trial week get to know a few of the students so you can ask questions.  BJJ academies are great places to make new friends thru training so take time to ask them a few questions.

What do they like most about this particular BJJ school?
What do they not like?
How do they feel about the instructors?
Anything they wish they would have known before signing up?

Facility maintenance:  Does the school look and smell clean?   Do they clean the mats regularly?  Do you see students walking around without shoes/sandals and then going on the mat?  You’re going to spend a lot of time on the mat so you want to make sure this is a clean space!  You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it so use the same principles here and you’ll be better off.

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