Review of the Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi.

Quick version: 
Light weight gi with nice embroidery, blue contrast stitching and a quick release nylon rope draw string.  This is an excellent low cost gi option at $69.99.

Long version:
Over the years, I’ve worn several gis (DeuS, Atama, Koral, Tatami and others) but this is the first one I’ve ever had that was under $70.00 in price.  I was very curious to see how well a low cost gi would feel and hold up not just in training but also with washing and drying.  Continue reading at the bottom for my experience and measurements with the gi shrinking.

This is from their website:

  • Comes with 6 month manufacturer warranty.
  • Made from a light-weight 400gsm Pearl Weave preshrunk fabric. We still recommend that you wash the gi in cold water and hang dry it.
  • Lightweight pants are made from 400 gsm ripstop fabric have a rope drawstring for tightening.
  • Contrasting and reinforced stitching in seams and other key areas for durability and added strength.
  • Fabric has anti-odor and antimicrobial treatment so that you don’t have to worry about bacterial buildup or fungal infections.

In this review, I will show before and after measurements in regards to fabric shrinking.  Early in my BJJ training I would always wash my gi in cold water and hang dry as advised by most companies but these last few years I’ve made a change.  Now I get 1/2 size larger if they have that option or I will get a full size larger (A3 but order an A4).  I like a gi that is a bit more roomy and allows me to account for shrinkage by washing in hot water and drying in the dryer.  Washing in hot water and drying in the dyer seems to kill more odor and make my gi smell much better.  Below are my before and after measurements after 4 weeks of training and washing in hot water and tumble drying in the dryer.  Note – the Elite Sports product care page states that you should wash your gi in cold water and hang dry.  If you follow their care instructions your individual results on gi shrinkage should be less then mine.  This is my experience using hot water and the dryer for those of you that like to do the same.

Gi top before and after measurement pictures:


I used this gi for several weeks of classes before posting this review and it has held up well.  I was very curious to see how a low cost gi would play out with the rigors of BJJ training and this gi did not let me down.  This is an excellent option for a low cost BJJ gi and would be well received for someone just starting out their BJJ journey.  If you need a new one or just another to add to your training rotation without spending a lot this would be a good choice.  Thanks to Fernando at Elite sports for the quick shipping!  Click Elite Sports BJJ Gi to look it over.

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