Review of the Datsusara Combat Gi.

Quick version: 
Hemp gi with embroidery on the left shoulder and the top middle back of jacket.  The fabric is very soft and includes the easy off rope drawstring.  It is baggy compared to all the other A4s I’ve used over the years but still a high quality gi.

Full version:
This is my second time reviewing a hemp gi and just like the one before, it is nice.  The soft fabric makes it very comfortable to train in and even after washing and drying it is not scratchy like my other cotton kimonos.  Personally, I like a gi that has minimal patches and this has one small embroidery on the left shoulder and the top middle back of jacket.  Continue reading at the bottom for my experience and measurements with the gi shrinking.

This is from their website:

  • 100% Hemp gi.
  • Properties of the Hemp gi naturally fights microbes like Staph.
  • 4 times as strong as cotton.

When I first started BJJ training I would always wash my gi in cold water and hang dry as advised by the gi company.  Hang drying would make the gi feel rough and scratchy and it also didn’t seem as clean compared to using the heat from the dryer.  Some say that the heat from the dryer kills more germs.  To solve this, I started to get 1/2 size larger if they have that option or a full size larger (A3 but order an A4).  I don’t want a gi that is too tight and restricts movement and this allows me to account for shrinkage when I wash in hot water and dry in the dryer.  Below are my before and after measurements after 4 weeks of training and washing in hot water and tumble drying in the dryer.

Gi top before and after measurement pictures:


The armpit/shoulder area is the largest of any of my A4 gis.  In the picture below you can see the size difference between the 4 different Kimonos all size A4.

That extra space might be an issue for some people as it feels very baggy while rolling in it.  Still though, this gi is a quality selection with great texture making it feel very comfortable.  If you are interested in trying a hemp gi you should check out Datsusara.  Thanks to Ben at Datsusara for the excellent service.

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