So you’ve finished your trial training period and it’s time to get your own gi.  No more borrowing the loaner gi from the gym – it’s time to get serious about your training.

Gi Requirements: 
First, check with your academy to see if they have certain requirements.  Some schools require that all students wear the official school gi brand like Gracie Barra.  If that’s the case, I recommend you purchase the cheapest one they have for your first year.




Gi Colors:
If your chosen academy doesn’t require a standard uniform/brand then ask the head instructor if they have any color requirements or preferences and then be sure to purchase inside those stipulations (usually all white or blue gi).

Starter Gi: 
If you are just starting out in your BJJ journey, you’ll find many options in terms of gi companies.  Some better than others and a large range in price ($65 to $200+).  If you were introduced to BJJ by a friend of yours then check with them to see if you can have or purchase one of their old but still functioning uniforms.  A good inexpensive gi that I currently use is the Elite Sports Ultralight BJJ gi.

I’ve had this gi since 2016 and I’m still using it today.  It was around $65 when I first got it.

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