ATO Brand Punisher Rashguard – shipped from China.

Quick Review: 

The design looks good.
The design is part of the rashguard so it *shouldn’t* crack or peel.

Rashguard material feels thinner then all other brands I’ve used.
No information/tag on the rashguard other then the size on the back collar.
– I wanted to know what the material was made of but there is no information.
It does not appear to have a tapered bottom to help hold it down as many of the higher quality rashguards often do.
Their website no longer shows or sells any rashguards and their Facebook page appears to be closed down.

Update – February 9th, 2017
The rashguard has been washed and worn several times and it is still going strong.  The color has not faded.  You can’t tell from the picture above but the neck/head area is much wider then a normal rashguard which may be an issue for some people.  I took a picture of my old 93 Brand rashguard and posted it below along with the ATO brand so you can see the difference in the neck area. 


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